Beach Club & Restaurant in Ios

Erego Beach Club & Restaurant is Luxurios’s latest addition to its jewelry collection of recreational lounges and chic restaurants, located at the stunning beach of Koumbara, widely known for its crystalline waters, golden sand and undamaged natural beauty.

The numerous palm tree roofed cabanas and beach beds along with the intriguing tropical ambiance comprised of the azure sea, the imposing palm trees and the 200 m2 swimming pool against the backdrop of the Aegean envelop guests in a utterly peaceful and exclusive environment of serenity.

Beach Club & Restaurant at Koumbara, Ios

The innovative architecture and artistic decor exquisitely blends with the unspoiled natural scenery and the casual island feel providing a haven of relaxation, tranquility and entertainment for all ages.

Enjoy a tasty snack at the beach or a delicious lunch or dinner at the uniquely designed restaurant. Guests are welcome to succumb to the pleasures of luxury island living while unwinding in one of the most beautiful beaches of the Aegean.