According to the ancient Roman calendar, March, “Martios” in Greek, was the first month of the year during which the birthday of the mythological Greek god of war ARIS was celebrated. Archaeologists believe that this is where the god’s Latin name of Mars was derived from .

The first day of March, Greeks celebrate one of their most well known traditions. Mothers put a red and white string bracelet called the “Martis’ on their childrens’ wrists to protect them from the burning rays of early spring sun. During Greek Easter celebration and the roasting of the lamb, the bracelet is supposed to be placed on the lamb to protect it from being burned during the ceremonial cooking. March is considered to be the best month for planting new trees. It defines the beginning of spring and growth.

Every March, Luxurios Island Experience plants and transplants trees in the magical Ios providing to its ever ending growth. Since 2013, Luxurios has planted more than 55,000 trees, out of which more than 500 were centenarian olive trees destined to become firewood, and were relocated and planted throughout Ios.

Olive trees are the symbol of peace and are synonymous with the Greek culture. Some of these proud old trees can be admired on the way to our new restaurant “EREGO” on the beautiful beach of Koumbara. Kindly join our effort to save the more than two centuries old olive trees through “Saving Eternity” ( ). Become their godparent and give each of them the positive energy of love and a Greek ancient name.