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Skarkos – The Prehistoric Settlement

Skarkos – The Prehistoric Settlement Welcome to Ios, one of the Cyclades Islands! Today most visitors come to the Cyclades for vacation. Five thousand years ago, people came for trade and commerce. They sought volcanic obsidian to make tools and other natural resources such as lead and copper. Many settlements flourished in the Cyclades, part […]

Ios 3on3 Basketball Tournament

Dimitris Diamantidis: “I am coming to Ios3on3!” Registrations for Ios 3on3 Tournament have already started and so have the announcements of the celebrity players that will … attend the event on July 7-9. Dimitris Diamantidis was one of the first to accept Dimitris Papanikolaou‘s call to participate in the tournament, organized by Airpap Action, the […]

Welcome June

June 2017 June is the sixth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars and contains the summer and winter solstice in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere respectively , the day with the most and fewest daylight hours. In Greece, it is widely considered as the official beginning of summer holidays and numerous […]

Ios Fit & Fun Masters Summer Camp 2017

Ios Fit & Fun Masters Summer Camp 2017 On your marks … get set … Find your sense for adventure at Ios Fit & Fun Masters Summer Camp! Ios Fit & Fun Masters Camp 2017 offers an exciting long weekend (2-5 June) to get physical, have fun and experience a combination of different challenges and […]

Gift your mother a break

Gift your mother a break want to tell Mom how much you love her? Offer her a special day with a delicious brunch or dinner @ the Taste of Joy restaurant on the beautiful grounds of Agalia Luxury Suites. and … don’t forget to offer her an “Agalia” ( = hug) and the prosecco is […]

May 2017 Calendar

May 2017 The month of May is believed to have taken its name from Hermes’s mother, Maia. May is usually depicted as a young man carrying a basket full of flowers on the head. It is the month of flowers and vegetation. In Greece, the first of May, people traditionally decorate the entrance of their […]

Welcome April

  The name of April derives from the Latin word Aprillis and the verb aperire, which means to open. It’s the month during which the weather “opens up” and spring arrives. April 1st is best known as April Fool’s Day when people say white lies for fun. This tradition came to Greece from Europe and […]