Private Boat Excursions

Private Boat Excursions Agalia Luxury Suites

Clients wishing to explore the majestic, natural beauty and beaches of the Cyclades can rent one of our private boats in Ios and embark on thrilling excursions to hidden coves and secluded beaches reachable only by boat, as well as day trips to any of the nearby islands of Santorini (dinner by the caldera or a tour of the volcano), Sikinos (spend time in the picturesque town) , Amorgos (visit the Monastery), Folegandros (relax by the square), Milos (majestic beaches and landscapes), Koufonisia (for a swim in the turquoise waters), and Mykonos (for the lifestyle and beautiful beaches) as well as the rest of the Cyclades.Traveling with our boats (see attached brochure for options), guests as part of their LuxurIOS Island Experience can visit our private beach lounges and facilities in our beach estates and relax in the lavish lounging areas fitted with local stone and wood and bask in the sun while laying at the comfortable sunbeds and awnings and spend their perfect day on the beach with comfort and some amazing activities in absolute privacy.Finally, with our boats our clients can transfer in and out of the utterly romantic island of Santorini and sail against the magical backdrop of the world’s most renowned sunset and the intriguing shadows of the imposing Caldera.